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                                               IMPORTANT UPDATES:
   * NOTICE:  I have decided to open up for adoption a stunning blue-eyed
                       seal lynx point boy 3-4 months old, he was under evaluation
                       & as the weeks went by I noticed how very personable he is
                       becoming and decided he needs to be a beloved pet. He is
                       highly glitterred, loves to play & be played with, will do very
                       well in a family home with kids/pets, or with a couple eager
                       to give him a chance. I can guarantee he will fill your hearts
                       with many warm fuzzies daily...he is full of character & has
                       many a story to tell you, plus...he climbs into my lap, yeah,
                       melts my heart with that one!   VERY PERSONABLE BOY!

The Camera has a very difficult time with any cat that has high glitter as it tries to capture the outlining with any degree of crispness. It always is best to see kittens
in person when they are of this level of quality. I have temporarily named this
sweet boy "Dreamhaven Artic Avatar, or Artie for short. If you believe "Artie" boy
is the perfect companion and fit for you and/or your family, submit interest here!

                        Don't delay...I promise he will not last long...!


                            SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION BLOODLINES
                                    HERE AT DREAMHAVEN BENGALS!

                          Striving for producing the very best bengals for you...!


         Current 2015 Litters               ***

Queen KayD & SGC Stud Xander:  Born 08-26-15!   Kittens Page 2
     We have:
  KayD has 1 Brown Boy -  SORRY, RESERVED NOW.

  Queen Nellie & Stud Velte:  Born 09-05-15!  Kittens Page 2
We have:
  Nellie has 2-3 Brown Boys Available!

           *          *          *         *          *         *   

  Queen Beauty & Stud Shay:   Litter Born 09-20-15! Kittens Page 1 
     We have:
Beauty has "4 Girls", 1 or 2 will be made available!

  Queen Paxine & Stud Velte:  Litter Born 10-03-15!  Kittens Page 1
     We have:
Paxine & Velte gave us 1 Brown Boy, 1 Brown Girl, and
                                           2 Snow/Seal Lynx Point Girls! 

            *          *          *         *          *         *  

Queen Gia & Stud Velte:  Litter Planned! Kittens Page 1 
We have: Stay in Touch...!

Queen Sophia & Stud Pacer:   Litter Planned!  Kittens Page 2
      We have: 
Sophia will have Stunning Babies in this upcoming litter! 


Central Aims of Dreamhaven Cattery for Studs, Queens & Kittens:

  • TICA registered cattery and TICA membership (Also TIBCC and ACFA and TIBCS)
  • Cats/Kittens allowed free access to in-home cattery located in East Central WI
  • Improving the Bengal breed in terms of temperament & type - rich tones, high contrast
  • Raising well-socialized and healthy rosetted leopard kittens to approved buyers
  • All kittens come with health guarantee and age appropriate immunization shots  
  • Cared for in loving home with daily "hands-on" attention and devotion

These little "lap leopards" can be glittered, tight pelted, rosetted and white-tummied! They are known for their abundent energy, sweet loving personalities, gentle temperament, high intelligence, curiosity, love of water and exotic look of their wild ancestors - the Asian Leopard Cat (ALC). In addition, bengal cats are very social in nature and fit right into the structure of family life, adapting to it well as they enjoy being an integral part of the family.

The Bengal is a muscular bodied feline with a head displaying prominent whisker pads, wide-set eyes and a strong chin. The coat, unlike any other cat skin, is called a pelt and is silky soft to the touch with very little shedding. A bengal's appearance is quite distinctive due to its horizontal spots or rosettes which are tri-colored and can be round or arrowhead in shape with the outer area darkest in color and the inside area falling out or gradually lightening. Quite stunning!!  [To learn more about bengals visit http://www.tibcs.com/].

Feel free to come in and see for yourselves what Dreamhaven Cattery is all about, who lives here, and who may be "available for you to take home!!" Questions and inquiries are welcome and can be made by email or phone. Thank you for stopping in, come back soon!

                     May a bengal beauty smile upon you today...
                touching your heart and bringing joy into your lives!!

       Cool brown colored bengals   AND   Warm brown colored ones!

                 New Update:  Kitten "placements" now handled with PayPal!  

       E-MAIL US!! 
         Breeder: Marlene L. Rodgers      
         Located: East Central WI

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since 2006, Welcome!

Stay as long as you like, come back often and see what is new! We are always working to improve the bengal breed and enjoy your visits here so you can see too. Thank you for your interest!

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