Stud:  Dreamhaven Blue Velvet Horizons, aka Velte

STUD:  Dreamhaven Never Ending Story, aka "Falcor"
Son of Velte Stud below, he has an awesome "Paw Print" spot pattern!

Velte is a very sweet, playful tender-hearted boy,
all his babies are just like him too...!


Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal   -  Carries for Sepia & Blue 

HCM Normal   / PKD & PRA-b N/N  /    Pedigree

What lithe and grace the male bengal cat has, he moves with such silence, quickly and efficiently leaving us the onlooker in awe of his powerful muscular body in motion, like his wild ancestor the Asian Leopard Cat, or ALC.

-Who would of thought that breeding the wild ALC cat to a domestic shorthair four generations later would produce what we now call "
A Bengal", an exotic looking and yet tame or domestic breed of cat recognized by TICA or ACFA in today's cat shows and organizations worldwide! Jean Sudgen Mill of Millwood Cats is the founder to be credited with this breeding begun in the 1960's.

Dreamhaven Bengals Cattery

  Blue Spotted Tabby Bengal  -  carries for lynx

HCM Normal   /   PKD N/K & PRA-b N/N    /  Pedigree