Kittens are reserved with a deposit, inquire here for details!

Litter Planned from Prada & Falcor for Summer 2021, stay in touch for updates!  


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Note: All kittens look 3X better when seen in person! If interested in a particular kitten, inquire now & schedule your own private showing!

Parents:  Queen Carmen & RW QGC Stud Finni

  Litter Planned Summer 2021 for ALL SNOW Litter!  / Accepting Inquiries/Deposits Now!            

And then just think of how you also would enjoy learning and experiencing life here, our 1st encounter of our world is more important than many of us realize, it sets the foundation for the rest of our lives...and that is what Dreamhaven Cattery offers you in each and every bengal baby we raise! We care about our investment in your bengal kittens:)

 (Some Cats & Litters are at a 2nd location to ensure adequate care!)

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NOTE:  Due to the extreme popularity of this bengal breed, kittens may be adopted before visitation is opened up at the 7 week age!

Kittens are reserved with a deposit, inquire here for details! 
Xandra & Finni are done dating, we are waiting to confirm pregnancy, they may have brown &/or Snow Babies!

Accepting Inquiries!  Feel free to see posts onDreamhaven Facebook!


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Note:  When Kittens are ready for release at 12 weeks of age, arrangements should already be in place for their pick up by the buyer. Any kitten not picked up will be "boarded" by breeder at a daily $10 rate to compensate for dry & wet food/clean litter/loving care & attention to more social play and interaction/and continued watchful observation for any health issues. These costs are the responsibility of the buyer, and not the breeder, and as such, these costs will be added on to the final payment of said reserved kitten to their new owners.
Email us with any questions or inquiries , we welcome you and invite you for a visit!!

Note: All Kittens look 3X better when seen in person! If interested in a particular kitten, inquire now & schedule your own private showing!

Carmen & Finni are dating now, Litter planned Summer 2021 for an All Snow Litter, Inquiries/Deposits Accepted Now. 

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RW QGC Stud:  Finni

Parents:  Queen Prada & Stud Falcor 

     * Litter Planned Summer 2021   /   Check back for Updates!

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Stud:  Falcor

Queen:  Xandra

Raised with Dreamhaven Cattery's "Central Aims" as their foundational core of life.  Much loving care and investment goes into a bengal kitten's start in this world, after which we selectively place them into loving hearts and homes so they can continue to receive the same quality of love, attention and devotion they are raised with.  From my family heart and your own!
LITTER ANNOUNCEMENTS  (Feel Free to visit Dreamhaven Bengals on facebook as well, videos posted there!)

  • Kitten Page 1 / below  -  Queen prada & stud FALCOR
  • Kitten Page 1 / below  -  Queen CARMEN & RW QGC Stud finni
  • Kitten Page 1 / below  -  Queen xandra & RW QGC Stud finni 

Don't miss out on one of these kittens to grace your hearts & fill your home with delight and bengal antics galore!
Our Babies Deserve the Very Best of Care in their crucial & important "Socialization Time" during their busy growing up 12 weeks of life here. Look below to gain a "Sneak Peek" at our Kitten Room where all babies receive the enrichment they deserve!

Seal Mink Queen:  Carmen

Dreamhaven Bengals Cattery

Blue-Seal Mink Queen:  Prada


           RW QGC Stud:  Finni

Parents:  Queen Xandra &  RW QGC Stud Finni  

Waiting to Confirm Pregnancy   / Inquiries Welcome, 

preference will be given to buyers on our waiting list first!